Airline Tactics strategic capabilities and skills span all commercial and revenue management issues including pricing, distribution, digitalization, data business insights, organization, project management and IT systems. Our experienced and agile Senior Consultants offer a large range of flexible services and frameworks: benchmarking, analysis, recommendation, implementation and tracking.

Sales & commercial
Revenue management & yield
Data & Digital
IT Projects
Organization & Transition Management


By combining Airline Tactics service offerings, you can benefit from an integrated solution customized to your business needs, avoiding the need to engage with multiple partners when implementing your projects and solving your challenges.

Airline Tactics solutions aim to be simple and pragmatic, are designed to get fast ROI, and minimize the effort requested of your operation teams.


Airline Tactics’ Senior Consultants are specialized in the areas of sales, pricing and revenue management. With an average of 15 years experience working for airlines of various sizes on 4 continents, they have experienced most of business challenges you are facing today in their careers. Fully available for consultancy, they have the agility to propose solutions that fit your organization’s structure and budget. This includes reviewing or setting up business process; conducting change management and transformation; and training and coaching your teams.

For smaller organizations, Airline Tactics can provide templates, reporting, automation solutions and light analytics tools based on Excel spreadsheets. For larger organizations, we can assist you with the evaluation and implementation of systems, RFI and RFP definition, project management, change and transition.

Airline Tactics flexible fees structure (per man day/hour or project-based) and our ability to work on your site or remotely, allows you to punctually inject the skills you require in your business. If you opt in for remote preparation package plans combined to on-site consultancy, you can benefit from the most effective and optimized price for value.

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When you have challenging business decision to make, or when you require specific knowledge expertise, how about talking to Airline Tactics experts?

Airline Tactics advisory services are supported by our Senior Consultants who have direct airline industry experience. Our advisory service can be contracted on an ad hoc basis, as a long-term partnership plan or as part of a specific project.

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Airline Tactics’ services include classroom and e-learning courses. We deliver one-off training solutions to address your management’s needs for growth. Our staff training programs will be tailored to your business challenges, policies, and geographical area.

When used in combination with our consulting services, our customized training programs ensure our recommendations will be effectively understood and implemented by your production teams. Staff training of new procedures and best industry practice is essential to get the maximum value from the recommendations of Airline Tactics’ consultancy reports. While most consulting companies limit their services to consulting services, our Senior Consultants are available to implement our recommendations, or the recommendations of other consulting companies. Building up a training program to engage and empower your teams through organizational changes is highly recommended to ensure smooth transition and success.

We also provide one-on-one training to ensure your staff become more comfortable in their role.

All of our training modules are offered as independent products or complete packages. Each airline is unique, so we adjust them to ensure they match your airline’s commercial targets and management guidelines.

Airline Tactics’ Senior Consultants can also conduct courses for universities, business schools and engineering institutes on topics related to commercial airline industry, revenue and yield management, and pricing in the transport and tourism industry.

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Coaching & mentoring

Beyond training, coaching and mentoring are effective solutions. When your staff struggle with performance, the solution usually provided is training. But knowledge and know-how are not always the root cause. Coaching is another powerful tool with extremely high ROI. Conducted online through video calls over a long period of time, coaching addresses the soft skills and mindset challenges of your teams who run into difficulty, meeting all the demands of their position in highly demanding work environments.

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How to engage with Airline Tactics

By including Airline Tactics in all your RFI and RFP, you are ensured to receive in a short time a solution proposal tailored to your needs that will deliver predictable and timely business results.

Airline Tactics carefully studies all business solicitations and responds positively to those that are a good fit for the skills of our available consultants. We particularly excel delivering high return on investment for short-duration projects, combining smartly on-site and remote presence. In addition to your core requirements, we can propose a remote preparation work package, as well as implementation follow-up, coaching and post-service health check.

The easiest way to get in touch with us is through one of our continental points of contact to book a scheduled video call at your earliest convenience with an Airline Tactics Senior Consultant who will take the necessary time to understand your business requirements. You can also send us your RFI or RFP directly by email.

Once your requirements are communicated to Airline Tactics, you will receive a business partnership proposal within 2 to 5 business days.

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