We transform data and business insights into revenue

Whatever stage your data & digital transformation programs are in, Airline Tactics' expertise will assist you to start, assess, unlock, accelerate or close your ongoing projects. Many airlines have found it difficult to digitize their business processes, and to convert their data lakes and big data into tangible revenue.

Airline Tactics expertise in BI solutions implementation will enable you to quickly deploy agile architecture. We can provide your airline considerable added value by streamlining your business processes to take advantage of technology, along with training and coaching services to leverage your team’s capabilities to extract value from data. Our expertise makes sense for marketing (CRM), Revenue Management Pricing (BI), and commercial performance automation and measurement (Sales Force).

We particularly excel in ensuring smooth cooperation for your transversal data and digital projects, especially between sales and commercial teams, revenue management and pricing department, IT functions and suppliers.

Examples of Data & Digital challenges Airline Tactics responds to:

Airline business models we are serving

Whether you are a legacy airline, low-cost carrier, sixth freedom hub operator or regional company, Airline Tactics’ Senior Consultants will provide you valuable insights to gain insights and revenue from your data and digitalization programs, in a manner it fits the size of your business, your budget and ambitions.

Our data services range cover implementing small data systems with available desktop Microsoft software (Excel, Access), to engage on large IT projects with large IT providers with multi-million dollars budget.

Airline Tactics assist you maximizing value of your data in order to gain sustainable competitive advantages and cost reductions.

Airline Tactics Data & Digital services

Airline Tactics proposes a wide range of service types that can be combined in order to create a tailored solution that perfectly fits your business needs, budget and ROI requirements.


With 15 years’ average experience working for airlines of various sizes on 4 continents, Airline Tactics’ Senior Consultants have experienced in their careers most of the data management challenges you are facing today in the sales and revenue management areas. Fully operational for consultancy, they have the agility to propose and help you to implement the solutions that best fit your organization structure and budget.

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When you have challenging business decision to make related to your data management and digital transformation programs, Airline Tactics’ Senior Consultants are available for advisory services on an ad hoc basis, as a long-term partnership plan, or as part of a specific project.

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Airline Tactics’ services include classroom and e-learning courses. Our customized training solutions are tailored to your business needs in order to fit your business challenges, internal policies, and geographical area.

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Coaching & mentoring

If your data and digital projects teams struggle with performance, coaching is a powerful tool with extremely high ROI. Conducted online through video calls over a long period of time, Airline Tactics coaching services improve the ability of your teams to conduct and deliver on time and budget the projects that are strategic to your airline.

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Airline Tactics’ Senior consultants all have 15 years’ international Sales & Revenue Management experience working in large and small airline headquarters. The consultant assigned to your project has more likely been living and doing business in multicultural environments for 3 different airlines, countries, and continents.

How to engage with Airline Tactics

By including Airline Tactics in all your RFI and RFP, you are ensured to receive in a short time a solution proposal tailored to your needs that will deliver predictable and timely business results.

Airline Tactics carefully studies all business solicitations and responds positively to those that are a good fit for the skills of our available consultants. We particularly excel delivering high return on investment for short-duration projects, combining smartly on-site and remote presence. In addition to your core requirements, we can propose a remote preparation work package, as well as implementation follow-up, coaching and post-service health check.

The easiest way to get in touch with us is through one of our continental points of contact to book a scheduled video call at your earliest convenience with an Airline Tactics Senior Consultant who will take the necessary time to understand your business requirements. You can also send us your RFI or RFP directly by email.

Once your requirements are communicated to Airline Tactics, you will receive a business partnership proposal within 2 to 5 business days.

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