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Airline Tactics is an independent and specialized consulting boutique firm serving legacy, low-cost, charters, short-haul, long-haul, regional and sixth freedom hub carriers

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Areas of Expertise


Airline Tactics’ Senior Consultants have airline headquarters experience in the sales and revenue management fields, as well as strong IT & project management backgrounds, enabling them to dive quickly into most of your organization challenges and business opportunities.

We own proprietary frameworks, techniques, and tools to conduct audits and health checks, as well as addressing commercial airlines needs such as O&D pricing; sales and distribution cost reduction; and team empowerment through data analysis.

We assist you in transforming your people and organization, creating processes, establishing the best airline industry practices, and maximizing value of data and technology in order for you to gain sustainable competitive advantages.

We accompany you in developing your teams with training courses in Revenue Management, Airline Strategic Pricing, Commercial, Demand/Flight Management, and additional areas.

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Sales & commercial

Boost your sales team performance

Your sales force deserves an explicit commercial strategy. Through a wide range of consulting services, Airline Tactics can define or review your policies, implement performance tracking schemes, and enhance your data reporting capabilities.

Our Senior Consultants will help you translate your goals into clear and meaningful actions, while keeping them aligned with your company strategic planning and revenue management objectives.

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The right price, in the right place, at the right time, to the right customer

Airline pricing is extremely sophisticated. However, the lack of effective IT solutions makes pricing teams focused on technical aspects, while yield value lays in strategic approach. As a result, the airline industry lacks pricing strategy expertise, and average tickets price drops accelerate without being fully replaced by ancillaries.

At Airline Tactics, we strongly believe an effective pricing strategy should be based on powerful benchmarking and analytics capabilities allowing high speed to market, clear fare branding structure, reinforced by a multi-channel and segmented fare distribution strategy.

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Revenue management & yield

Increase your revenue management team’s capabilities to deliver budgeted revenue

We believe that the most important skill of an effective revenue management team is the ability to detect at an early stage that things are not going as initially forecast, and react quickly, in close cooperation with pricing, sales and network planning teams.

The most common issues we see in revenue management teams are the absence of processes (or discipline following them); excessive reports; inability to see the big picture, and delays cascading to other departments, increasing the risk of not meeting budgeted revenue. Lack of anticipation and cooperation creates business uncertainty. Airline Tactics has the expertise to fix these issues and improve your global performance.

Our Senior Consultants can also focus on any specific cases in which you require help with: dynamic flight optimization, market trends, group management or yield opportunity reviews.

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Digitize your business to save costs and increase customer satisfaction

We offer distribution advisory and consulting services such as:

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Data & Digital

We transform data and business insights into revenue

Whatever stage your data & digital transformation programs are in, Airline Tactics' expertise will assist you to start, assess, unlock, accelerate or close your ongoing projects.

Many airlines have found it difficult to digitize their business processes, and to convert their data lakes and big data into tangible revenue. Airline Tactics' expertise in BI solutions implementation will enable you to quickly deploy agile architecture. We can provide your airline considerable added value by streamlining your business processes to take advantage of technology, along with training and coaching services to leverage your team’s capabilities to extract value from data. Our expertise is particularly valuable for marketing (CRM), Revenue Management Pricing (BI), and commercial performance automation and measurement (Sales Force).

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IT Projects

Get the full value of the IT solutions you are paying for

We believe that in most cases, the success of an IT or organizational project is not the technology, but smooth two-way communication and effective project management skills.

Airline Tactics’ Senior Consultants lead your programs as a project managers, or assist your project management team with best practices, advisement, training and coaching. They can also equip your organization with a Project Management Office (PMO) and build associated processes.

Your information technology and transformation projects are unique. With Airline Tactics, you can add the skills and resources you occasionally need, on a full or part-time basis. Our experts can jump quickly into your project or recover a project that has run into difficulty.

Airline Tactics can perform independent audits to assess if you are getting the most of your commercial systems and technology by finding redundancies between systems, finding cost-saving opportunities, rationalizing system usage, reallocating licenses, improving services you provide to your customers within existing contracted terms, and finding opportunities to benchmark and renegotiate with your suppliers.

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Unlock your business potential

With their senior management-level experience in commercial and revenue management positions, Airline Tactics’ Senior Consultants advise airlines in their organizational transformation projects, and conduct organizational health checks and audits.

They can embark on your change management programs, providing additional management expertise, opinion on your short-listed candidates. We can also assist you to make transversal exchanges between services and departments more effective — i.e. Coordination of Pricing, Sales Marketing and Yield Management.

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Diagnostic 360 - Organizational audit


« Yield Tactics transforms your organization and people by improving processes, best yield management practices, data and digital technology to gain sustainable, competitive advantages. »

Airline Tactics’ Senior Consultants

A typical Airline Tactics Senior Consultant's background is 15 years of international experience working in large and small airline headquarters. Each consultant has been living and doing business in multicultural environments for at least three different airlines, countries, and continents. Service can be rendered in English or French.

Points of contact

Although our head office is located in Annecy, 30 miles south of Geneva, our team is 100% remote. You can reach us through any of our three virtual points of contact: